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Bob Weiss

Director – Freighter Conversions
Boeing Global Services

Bob Weiss is the Director of Boeing’s Converted Freighter (BCF) programs within Boeing Global Services (BGS). His areas of responsibility include program management, customer integration and execution for both the 737-800BCF and the 767-300BCF product offerings, as well as managing the business growth and transformation needs to maintain the competitiveness of the BCF program.  

Throughout his nearly 20 years of experience, Bob has held various leadership roles across Commercial Airplanes, Defense and Services, from within multiple functions including Engineering, Product Development, Supply Chain Operations and Manufacturing. Prior to this role, Bob led the 737 MAX Return-to-Service Integration.  

Bob traces his passion for program management back to his first role at Boeing as an engineer on the F-22 Program where he led production teams and managed fixed-cost development programs for the United States Air Force.  

Bob joined Boeing after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering from California Polytechnic State University and later earned a Master of Science (MS) in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is also an active member of the California Polytechnic State University College of Engineering Advisory Board.