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Ivan Chin

General Manager
Haite Tianjin Aircraft Engineering Co.

Mr. Ivan Chin joined Tianjin Haite Aircraft Engineering Company as General Manager in March 2018, and is responsible for the overall operations and management of the airframe MRO Company.   

Under his leadership, he fulfilled the company’s immediate expansion plan and enhanced Tianjin Haite’s capabilities to include 737NG Cargo Conversion & full aircraft repainting while setting up the operations of the new 4-bays 2nd phase hangar facility in end 2018. With the success in the B737NG BDSF program, coupled with the preferential Customs Authorities’ Bonded Maintenance Policies, the company continues to achieve strong recognition from both domestic and foreign customers, widening the majority scope of work to Heavy Maintenance, End of Lease Checks and most recently, securing the A321 P2F cargo conversion program with EFW.  Mr. Ivan Chin is instrumental in launching and implementing various new initiatives within the company such as Kaizen & Lean Continuous Improvement, Aviation Based Behavioral Safety (ABBS), and Digitization of the maintenance management platforms. 


Prior to joining Tianjin Haite, Mr. Ivan Chin was Vice President Marketing of SASCO, a subsidiary of ST Aerospace in Singapore, and he was also the Marketing Cluster Head of the Airframe Maintenance and Modification (AMM) Division, responsible in coordinating the Global Marketing efforts. 


Mr. Ivan Chin started his career with ST Aerospace as a mechanical engineer, and during his 21 years tenure, he had served in various management positions, including 6 years posting in STARCO, a joint venture MRO between ST Aerospace and China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai, as Director Corporate Affairs responsible in Marketing, Finance and IT.   


Mr. Ivan Chin graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 1996 with an Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Amongst the trainings he received were Six Sigma Black Belt in Lean, Japanese Kaizen Continuous Improvement Initiatives, Lockheed Martin F16A/B Structural Engineer Course and Boeing 737 classic type course.  He was appointed as “Visiting Professor” by CAUC (Civil Aviation University of China) in September 2020.