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Cargo Facts LATAM is an annual conference that focuses on the dynamic Latin American freighter market, where both air cargo volumes and freighter fleet expansion are projected to outpace global rates. Cargo Facts LATAM provides a great opportunity for attendees to network with industry leaders and learn about crucial industry topics and trends. The sessions will cover market growth and renewal of narrowbody and widebody freighter fleets by Latin American carriers.  


LATAM is becoming a crucial growth market for the global freighter industry. Air cargo traffic growth for Latin America in 2024 is estimated to be around 7%, compared to around 4.2% for global airfreight, according to data compiled by Cargo Facts Consulting.  Further, CFC expects LATAM freighter fleets to grow 3.5% to 4.5% in 2024 alone. That’s why Cargo Facts LATAM is so crucial to the global freighter industry.  

Participants can expect to gain valuable insights on industry topics and build new relationships with leading industry executives, with a particular focus on the growing LATAM market and its future. Attendees, some of the brightest and most innovative in the global aircraft industry, come to Cargo Facts LATAM to stay updated with the latest trends, tactics, and strategies as the industry evolves, and establish meaningful connections with LATAM executives. This event is essential for anyone who wants to not just keep pace with the latest developments in the LATAM market, but to identify how to take advantage of LATAM market growth and opportunity. 


Join us May 13-15 for our second annual LATAM industry event in Panama.