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Jan Zoeppel

Head of Conversion Programs & Customer Support

Jan Zoeppel started his long journey in the P2F business as a production engineer at EFW 20 years ago and later moved to Airbus, where he worked in the A380 Final Assembly Line in Toulouse, France for a period of 3 years. He returned to EFW in 2011, and held several positions in project, customer account and program management before he joined the company’s senior management team in 2018.

Currently, Jan’s key responsibility is leading the program management for all A320/A321 and A330 conversions worldwide, including the ramp-up of new conversion houses.

For 40 years, his absolute passion has been soccer, which builds the basis for his daily leadership work – only as a strong team, knowing, using, and improving the personal strengths of each individual, you can achieve all challenging goals and will succeed.