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Jason Winata

Executive Director
Rimbun Air

I am the founder of Rimbun Air. I started the company in 2018 when I was still in my last year of studying in London. 

We started Rimbun Air with only four people in the office, without having an AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate). While trying my best to gain financing, finally we were able to lease 1 Twin Otter. We started small, in a town called Nabire with small warehouse, delivering cargo to the most rural in West Papua of Indonesia. 

In that time, going through the ups and down, we grew from one aircraft into three aircraft. Then in 2020, COVID had hit us badly. 

In 2020, we decided to purchase our first Boeing 737-300SF and was able to catch the momentum of high growth in the cargo market during the pandemic.  

Now, we currently are operating 6 cargo aircrafts including Boeing 737-800SF, Boeing 737-300SF and DHC 6 TwinOtter aircraft. We are still striving for more growth in the future.