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Sanjeev Gadhia

Founder & CEO
Astral Aviation Ltd

Sanjeev S Gadhia is the Founder and CEO of Astral Aviation Ltd which is a dedicated all- cargo airline based in Nairobi, Kenya and operates a fleet of fourteen cargo aircrafts, from its hubs in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai and Liege, into Europe, Middle East, Asia and within Africa. 

Operating one of the most successful airlines in Africa for 23 years, Sanjeev is responsible for the strategic management and fleet acquisition for Astral Aviation, along with its Pan African expansion strategy, which entails two new cargo hubs in West and Southern Africa, including diversification into Airport Infrastructure, Executive Jets and Unmanned Cargo Aircrafts.  


Sanjeev is the recipient of the following awards 

  1. Ato Girma Wake / AviaDev Africa Lifetime Achievement Award 2022
  2. Aviators Africa Changemaker Award 2021
  3. Innovation Leadership Award by World Federation of Innovation Professionals
  4. “New Generation Leader for Africa” by African Leadership Network


In 2020, Sanjeev was appointed Chairman of AFRAA’s (African Airlines Association) Cargo & Route Network Committee based on his extensive experience in the air-cargo sector in Africa.  

In 2017, Sanjeev became the first Director from Africa to sit on TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association) and is currently Vice Chairman and Trustee of TIACA. 

A banker by profession, Sanjeev has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Schiller International University in London, in addition to being a member of EO Kenya (Entrepreneurs Organization) and YPO (Young Professional’s Organization) Africa Great Lakes.