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Eddie Tapiero

Economic Advisor
National Presidency of Panama

Eddie Tapiero is an international economist who researches global geopolitical, macroeconomic and logistical trends and their impacts on international trade and the Panamanian economy.  


He has worked in multinationals such as Standard and Poor’s, IHS Global Insight, Unilever and Citibank in different parts of the world including North America, Africa and Asia. He has been a consultant for the IDB and for the OCED and other international organizations.  


He has been an economic and commercial advisor at the national and international level for several governments. In 2018 he worked on the negotiating team for the FTA between Panama and China, which has not been approved; In 2020, he advised the presidency of the republic on the Economic Recovery Plan during COVID-19 and is currently advising the Secretariat of Monitoring with prospective studies of Panama and supporting the establishment of solutions to reestablish supply chains during this period of internal friction. among other projects.  


He is president of the Research Commission of the Logistics Business Council (COEL) and advisor to the Board of Directors of the World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms.  


He is the author of several articles in different national and international publications and his book, the Silk Road and Panama, allows a comprehensive vision of Latin America and China through the Belt and Road initiative.  


He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts, and several additional certifications. Mr. Tapiero worked as a research assistant at Harvard University’s Institute for Economic Development (HIID) and is also a professor at local universities and supports different national and international organizations with teaching. He also participates in different social and community support activities at the country level.