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Frank Diaz

Chief Executive Officer
Sky Cana

Frank Diaz González is an serial entrepreneur and aviator pilot whose work career is highly recognized in different productive sectors of Dominican society. He began as a member of the company Productos Alimenticios Nacionales C. por A. (PANCA), and decided to enroll in a Marketing degree, occupying the positions of Marketing and Sales Manager of Oxígenos del Caribe, S.A. and President of the company Servi Grass, S.A. Frank has been the founder of numerous successful and innovative projects in our country, such as the Tecnología Digital, S.A. (DG TEC), which was the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company in the history of the Dominican Republic.  


He is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Dominican-Spanish Chamber and the Association of Marketing Executives of Santo Domingo. In 2012 he founded the company LogicPaq BTD, S.R.L. and since then he has successfully managed the project as General Manager. In 2014 he began the process with the government institutions to become a National Airline. Over 60 air operations have been carried out between China and Latin America.  


In 2020 Frank took the decision to start SKYCANA, which acquired the first AIRBUS A321 and by December 2021 there were already 5 AIRBUS on Dominican lands in addition to the ATR 72 cargo that began operations during the 2021. Nowadays SKYCANA has a fleet of 3- AIRBUS A321; 4- AIRBUS A320; 1- AIRBUS A330- 300 and 1- AIRBUS A330-200. In pasanger side and 1 ATR 72, 2- A321F and 2- 737-800F.