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Skye Carapetyan

Sales Director
Beta Technologies

Skye Carapetyan is a member of the aircraft sales team at BETA Technologies, where he works with existing and potential customers to realize the benefit of our aircraft to help improve their bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint. During his time at BETA, he has also spent time focusing on the build-out of the company’s nationwide multimodal charging infrastructure, which is designed to advance the development and deployment of our zero-emissions aircraft and other EVs. 
Skye has built his career leading teams in the aviation and electric vehicle (EV) sectors. Prior to his post at BETA, he served as VP for a large transportation and logistics firm where he led the sales team in all western states before ultimately moving to the EV sector. As National Sales Director for an EV startup, Skye worked with the State of California, various utilities, and numerous municipalities to further the adoption of clean transportation and EV infrastructure. A commercially rated pilot, Skye has flown Embraer regional jets for nearly 5 years as a First Officer and when he was promoted to Captain, flew Canadair CRJ 700s. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor and certified flight instructor (CFI), CFII, MEI at Jacksonville University via the Delta Connection Academy. He graduated from Jacksonville University with B.S. in Aviation Operations and Management and currently lives in Sacramento, CA with his family.