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Nuno Leal

Chief Marketing Officer
World Star Aviation

Nuno Leal is currently Chief Marketing Officer with World Star Aviation, a global aircraft leasing platform, and Airline Executive Consultant to Plane View Partners, a leading aviation consulting firm.  

Nuno has been with TAP Air Portugal for over 14 years where he played several roles within the fleet areas. Nuno was the head of fleet planning and management for the group, leading the airline’s planning and management activities, aircraft and engines acquisition, leasing and financing and hard product definition. Nuno has been over the years the primary focal point for the OEMs, major suppliers, lessors and financiers.  

Nuno is also currently teacher of the Master of Air Transport Operations in ISEC, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Nuno was born in Madeira, Portugal, has graduated and earned the MSc in Mechanical Engineering in Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon where he was also a scientific researcher for several years.