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Colin Grant

Chief Operating Officer
ASL Aviation Holdings

Colin is currently Chief Operating Officer within the ASL Aviation Group of companies. This includes 4 airlines operating in Europe including regional and long-haul cargo and passenger activity across more than 100 aircraft from turboprop to B747s. He has worked in Europe but also with the Group’s entities in Asia and Australia. 

He has had over eighteen years’ experience within the ASL Group and has held various senior management positions including Chief Financial Officer of Air Contractors, Chief Operating Officer at Air Contractors, Chief Financial Officer of ASL Aviation Group and Chief Executive of Air Contractors. He returned to ASL Aviation Holdings in 2015 in the position of Chief Executive ASL Airlines Europe and served in that role until August 2020 when he was appointed Chief Operating Officer. 

In this time, he has accumulated vast experience within Aviation and aviation finance, including his involvement in the introduction of Boeing 737, Boeing 757, and Airbus A320 fleets to the Air Contractors network and in the process adding a significant passenger related activity to what had previously been a cargo focused airline. In managing ASL’s activities across Europe, Africa, the Far East and North America he has experience in a wide range of geographical regions and in a variety of aircraft types.  

In his time in the airline financial arena, he has developed experience with regards to aircraft leasing, acquisition and finance and mergers and acquisitions activity. Most recently he led the transaction team for the acquisition of TNT Airways from TNT immediately prior to the acquisition of TNT by FedEx. The transaction involved the purchase of two European Airlines and was successfully completed. He is now working on the integration of the companies into the ASL Group and the development of the companies in the e-commerce and freight logistics arena. 

Prior to joining ASL Aviation Holdings, Colin was a Senior Manager with Pricewaterhouse, where he specialised in aviation related consulting and audit, together with pharmaceuticals and financial services.