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3 reasons to join us at Cargo Facts Symposium 2023


Cargo Facts Symposium, taking place Oct. 25-27, 2023, is the premier airfreight industry event with a longstanding reputation for hosting industry leaders, innovators and stakeholders.

Your attendance at the Symposium promises an unparalleled opportunity to delve into cutting-edge trends, technological advancements and transformative strategies shaping the future of global cargo operations.

Assembled under one roof, attendees will have the chance to engage in insightful discussions, network with visionaries, and gain invaluable insights that are pivotal in navigating the complex landscape of modern freight logistics. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or an aspiring newcomer, Cargo Facts Symposium is an indispensable nexus for unlocking new perspectives and forging connections that can redefine success in the realm of air cargo.

Here are a few additional reasons to consider registering for the Symposium:

Diversity and Inclusion

The Women in Air Cargo Reception at the Cargo Facts Symposium is a celebration and recognition of the invaluable contributions of women in the air cargo industry. This special gathering provides a unique platform for fostering connections, sharing experiences and empowering women professionals within the dynamic world of freight logistics.

Attendees can anticipate an evening filled with engaging conversations, inspirational stories and networking opportunities all aimed at promoting diversity, inclusion and leadership in an industry that thrives on innovation and collaboration. The Women in Air Cargo Reception is a testament to the Symposium’s commitment to creating a space where voices are amplified, achievements are honored, and meaningful connections are forged to further enhance the trajectory of air cargo and freight.

Agenda Content

The Cargo Facts Symposium agenda presents a rich tapestry of essential topics that collectively define the contemporary landscape of air cargo.

From the intricate web of the global freighter market to the transformative forces driving e-commerce air logistics, the Symposium offers a comprehensive exploration of pivotal issues that impact the industry’s trajectory. We invite you to review our agenda, which includes topics on the global freighter market, e-commerce air logistics, freighter leasing implications, aircraft and engine valuations, and sustainability.

With its diverse array of subjects, the Cargo Facts Symposium empowers participants with the knowledge, perspectives, and foresight necessary to navigate the complex currents of the air cargo sector, forging a path toward a prosperous and sustainable future.

You don’t want to miss out on our amazing speakers and panel discussions.

Networking Opportunities

Join other industry leaders, innovators and stakeholders at this exceptional event in San Diego, fostering a vibrant environment for meaningful connections to flourish. From intimate breakout sessions to vibrant social gatherings, attendees are immersed in a conducive atmosphere where engaging conversations, idea exchange and collaboration are not just encouraged, but celebrated.

Whether forging partnerships, exploring synergies or seeking mentorship, Cargo Facts Symposium’s networking events offer a unique chance to connect with like-minded professionals who are shaping the future of airfreight.

Registration is now open for Cargo Facts Symposium, the premier industry event.