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TAC Index Editor Neil Wilson to moderate sustainability session at Cargo Facts EMEA 2024

Neil Wilson, editor of TAC Index, the foremost global price reporting agency on airfreight rates, has been announced as the moderator for Session 5 at Cargo Facts EMEA 2024. The event, scheduled for Feb. 5-7, is a gathering for airfreight industry leaders across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With over 30 years of experience in financial journalism and publishing, Neil Wilson has been at the helm of TAC Index since June 2022. TAC Index is known for providing independent, accurate and actionable data on airfreight rates, serving as the calculating agent for the Baltic Air Freight Indices. Wilson produces a weekly news update and monthly blog, offering insights into the trends identified in airfreight pricing.

In addition to his role at TAC Index, Wilson is one of the most seasoned commentators globally on hedge funds, derivatives and alternative investments. His extensive editorial background includes serving as the managing editor of Hedge Fund Intelligence from 2001 to 2014, overseeing editorial content across multiple titles. He has also contributed to prestigious publications such as The Financial Times, The Economist and Risk magazine.

Neil holds a B.A. with Honours in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, showcasing his academic prowess and vast practical experience.

Cargo Facts EMEA 2024 promises to be an invaluable experience for industry professionals, bringing together thought leaders, experts, and emerging professionals in airfreight. Wilson’s moderation of Session 5, titled “Cleaner Skies: Europe’s Leading Role in Sustainability,” will allow participants to have a unique opportunity to delve into engaging discussions on sustainable practices in the airfreight industry with presenters David Dwek, senior future fuels analyst at SkyNRG, and James Peck, chief customer officer of ZeroAvia.

View the full event agenda.

Join Neil Wilson and other industry leaders Feb. 5-7 for Cargo Facts EMEA 2024 — your ticket to the forefront of freighter innovation.

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