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Dufour Aerospace’s Hardegger joins Cargo Facts EMEA 2024

Sascha Hardegger, chief commercial officer of Dufour Aerospace, will join Cargo Facts EMEA 2024 for the panel discussion “Forging a path forward for advanced air mobility” on Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 09:45 (GMT +1).

The sixth annual Cargo Facts EMEA event takes place Feb. 5-7 at the Hilton Amsterdam, where industry leaders will gather to share their outlook on the air cargo sector in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Dufour appointed Hardegger as chief commercial officer in 2021. He previously served as a member of the board of directors for Switzerland-based Uepaa AG and Mollis Airport and spearheaded the drone program at Swiss air rescue company Rega, where he worked for more than twelve years.

Dufour Aerospace revealed plans in August 2023 to introduce the third-generation prototype of its Aero2 drone in the United States, expecting to begin test flights in October.

The Switzerland-based drone company is also developing a fourth-generation prototype, the Aero2 X2.3, which uses a Suter Industries hybrid-electric powertrain and can carry up to 40 kilograms of cargo over a maximum range of 400 kilometers.

“Dufour Aerospace is now entering the phase where our products will be measured against the tough requirements of real-world operations,” Hardegger said. “There are many different products, concepts and ideas in advanced air mobility and the drone space that will change logistics. Dufour’s focus is to marry the expertise we have in real-world helicopter operations with smart thinking of new and sustainable operating methods.”

The company expects to restart activation of the Aero3, a 2.8-tonne-capable manned advanced air mobility platform that builds upon the Aero2’s tilt-wing design for passenger and cargo operations, Dufour told Cargo Facts in May 2023.

Cargo Facts EMEA 2024 will provide attendees with an overview of the pivotal events that shaped the industry in the past year while analyzing market conditions, trends and new developments underway.

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